Second Lineup Announcement is here!!

Again in no particular order…. 
The Tribe – Hip Hop Reggae Collective
NECK LondonIrish PsychoCeilídh – what it says !!
Crinkle Cuts – Funk, Reggae, New-wave Latin Ska
Imprints – olk-Gypsy-Rock cider fuelled explosion
GoldWater – Psychedelic Rock Preachers
Sœur – New Grunge
The Zipheads – Banging Psychobilly
Hum Fuzz – One of two up and coming local bands that we are supporting 
The King Dukes – British R&B tinged with Memphis Soul

There’s enough there to headline several festivals!!
AND AND AND we’ve got a whole load more acts to announce including 3 more headliners ( as much as we ever do headliners), some favs of 2018 from North of the Border, the Granddaddies of them all, some classic West Country Festival Types and loads more…

#hugelineup #bestlittlefestinthewest