Really sorry, but sadly OUT West 2019 is no more……

Well sadly it’s the post that no-one wants to write, but despite so many people’s best efforts, sharing, prompting and general filling Facebook with posts, ticket sales remain too low for OUT West 2019 to continue. We are so very sorry that we couldn’t make it work this time. All ticket money will be refunded by Brown Paper Tickets or if you bought direct from Frome Wholefoods.For online sales you will be getting an email over the next couple of days from Brown Paper Tickets who will be dealing with your refunds. For Those who bought from Frome Wholefoods, please take your ticket back and you will receive a full refund – you will need the relevant ticket.
All Trader and Caterer deposits will be fully refunded and you will be contacted by email in the coming days.
We would like to thank everyone who really engaged with this last push for the Festival – it really showed a love and respect which we hugely appreciate – it means a great deal.And to those of you who supported the event, bought tickets, came and played, traded, fed and watered us all -much love. The messages of support, financial help, playing for free, reduced charges and offering whatever they can have been amazing – it’s truly blown us away.
Thanks also to all our infrastructure suppliers who have continued to support us over the last weeks – their good will allowed for one final push to see if we could get turn things around. Also to the Farm who were right in there from the beginning and allowing us the use of those beautiful fields, The Village, Wiltshire Licensing authorities, Police, Fire etc – all have been hugely supportive of the event over the past 6 years
And the most enormous love and deep respect to The OUT West Crew, past and present. You all helped shape our small event into something that was loved by many.
Whilst understanding the disappointment, we feel it’s important to look back and see what we all achieved over the last 5 years….. Highlights include but is not limited to 3 wedding parties, one engagement, the rarest of things embodied in a permanent license from Wiltshire Council, managing to still party despite 3 thunderstorms over 2 days, no tent thefts, only one tent left in the field EVER, building daftness, supporting local acts & Charities, a personal fav – having Dudley Sutton ( Tinker from Lovejoy/Pink Panther/Porridge amongst his roles in an immense career) playing not once but TWICE over the years and the brilliant Rare Species who have been integral in our World. And the cider….. Ahh the cider – well done Denis. . The Festival also brought together a huge cross section of people who would not normally get together and party in a field. Old Faces from the free party/festival days of yore, Villagers, Festival Goers, Farmers, Vicars, Local Councillors, the Young & not so Young, Ravers, Crusties, Festival Programmers and Organisers, Our Parents (!) – all represented and enjoying themselves.
Festivals are made not just by those who put them on, but also by those who attend – once again thank you from the very bottom of our hearts. It really is the attendees who make an event and you have done us proud. It is very important to keep small grass-roots festivals alive, so please do continue support for these events. Wonkey Donk/Dark Holler, OutCider/Cursus/InCider, Sistafest/Something Else in the Dunny are all Grass Roots Festivals that we have worked with and whilst being such different events, are fully deserving of your support. And not a small mention to Steve Henwood ( Colleague, Friend and lovely person) and The Bath Fringe – please continue to support these Community Events.
We would like to wish them and Everyone one else who is giving it a go ( there’s a few new small ones popping up in Wiltshire) and those who are supporting them the best of luck and total respect