We still have space for Volunteers – if you fancy coming along and being part of the OUT West Family, then please click on the “Information” tab on the menu bar on the top left of the page for the relevant forms

Changes for 2018…

We continue to be on the same site as usual. We are changing things around after your feedback and our breakdown of the event. We are expanding the live-in vehicle area, moving the main camping back to infront of the arena and putting in a quiet camping area  – another request from 2017. 

The 4 & 20 Bar is now being expanded to include our second stage and we have a new area/stage in the offing – more on that to come.

The biggest change for 2018 is that we are now running from Friday eve to the early hours of Monday morning. Lots of feedback about those who have to work on Fridays ( Teachers etc) not being able to come along, so we’ve moved everything to more standard festival hours.