Lost Children

– and the ones that don’t get lost

Once upon a Time in the West is only a small festival but crowds can be daunting for children. To avoid separating from them, give your kids the same advice you would if you were anywhere else: don’t go off with strangers or anyone without telling you first. If they get lost, have them ask for help from a security steward or any Festival staff with a radio.
It’s really helpful if children have their parent’s mobile number on them: write it in marker pen on a white wristband (which we can supply) so we can contact you – but don’t write their name on the wristband.

If you lose your children, ask for advice at the Information Point. Once Upon a Time in the West has a set way of dealing with lost children and the staff there will be able to help you.
 There are no crèche facilities at the Festival so you must make your own arrangements within your group of friends and partners for someone to be supervising your children at all times.