Kids Stuff


At OUT West we try to make sure everyone feels included and that goes for kids too. We know how costly it can be to take kids along, so we provide a small amount of entertainment that’s free of charge for them to create, exercise and maybe learn a new skill. What feedback has been previously is that it’s a great space for them just to simply “be kids in”. 

There’s a climbing wall for all ages, cardboard creations and trapeze skills (small charge). And believe it or not, they also do like a bit of music too!!

If there’s an act on stage that may be inappropriate for kids before 8pm (some musicians are more potty-mouthed than others), then we do aim to warn before they come on. 

We also understand that (for whatever reason) not everyone wants loads of kids running around them at a festival and to this end we limit the tickets available for kids – it’s all worked beautifully so far and everyone appears happy with the arrangement.

New for 2018 is a quiet area for camping and we suggest that families take advantage of this, as different people like to keep different hours!!