Yep, here’s the bit that should answer the majority of any queries you have about Once Upon a Time in the West Festival – read on…

Where is it? 

The Festival is near Trowbridge in Wiltshire. Exact location and entry requirements are sent out by email and posted on this website nearer the time.

What are the dates?

12-14th July 2019

The site opens at midday on Friday 12th July 2019. The arena opens at 6pm. We run through to 2am every night and on Sunday until 1am . Everyone has to have cleared site by 4pm on the Monday.

Does the ticket fee include camping?

Yep your ticket includes camping (in tents). If you want to bring in a live in vehicle/caravan etc, then you will need a further ticket (available from the same place as ordinary tickets)

Is there Quiet/Family Camping?

Absolutely – following feedback from last year, we are creating a quiet area for those who don’t necessarily want to be up til the wee hours

What are your facilities for The Disabled?

The site is on grass and about as flat as we can find. There is a designated disabled camping area near the arena. Should you require use of this, then please let us know beforehand so that we can create a large enough space. A small amount of carers’ tickets are available at the discretion of the festival – there are strict criteria to qualify for this. Please contact us direct using the form at the bottom of the main page.


A misrepresented, inevitable necessity at any event. We’ve all seen/been in hideous toilets at festivals and heard the stories. However there really is no need for them to be awful, if used properly. Always flush BEFORE and after you use them, don’t hover/put anything down there that doesn’t belong in your toilet at home and don’t empty cassette toilets into them (there is a seperate IBC for this). At OUT West we really work hard to keep the loos as decent as possible, with regular emptying and restocking.

Do you have showers?

Currently no, but if demand is high enough, then it’s something we can look into. 

What do I do if I’ve lost my ticket/can’t find the email/don’t think I was sent anything from the ticket vendors?

Please contact the vendor direct (currently Brown Paper Tickets) and speak direct to them. They hold your money until after the event, so we can’t resolve any ticket issues.

I’ve bought a ticket but now can’t go, what do I do?

Details of this are in the Terms and Conditions relating to ticket sales

How do we contact you?

Ideally please use the form, the link to which is at the bottom of the homepage – or you can message us on Facebook

Are Assistance Dogs allowed?

Fully registered and trained Assistance Dogs are allowed on site. We need notification and proof of training etc. beforehand to allow this. 

Can we bring our pets?

No pets on site – not even well behaved ones, ones who go to all the other festivals, ones who everyone loves etc etc. Anyone caught bringing animals onsite will be asked to leave – it is part of our agreement with the farm and there’s no leeway.

Can we bring instruments to play along with/impromptu sessions etc?

Absolutely! All we ask is that after midnight sound on the campsites is kept to a minimum – we have strict noise levels to keep to

Can we bring bongos for drumming circles?

Please see “Can we bring our pets” and apply the same logic. 

Can we have a fire/wood burning stove/BBQ?

Sadly no fires of any type are allowed on site. Cooking by gas OUTSIDE your tent is allowed. Please do not bring small wood-burning stoves for inside your tent. It puts you and your neighbours at risk.

Can we bring our own booze?

You can bring a small amount into the campsite for consumption at your camp, but NO GLASS and you can’t take your own booze into the arena – more on that HERE

Can we buy/use drugs at the festival?

Drugs are as illegal at festivals as they are anywhere else in the UK and at OUT West we do not condone the sale or use of drugs in any way.

Anyone caught dealing will be detained and handed over to the Police.

If you are thinking about trying anything for the first time, then festivals really aren’t the place to start.  If you have taken something and are feeling unwell/anxious etc, or you come across someone who is ill or in a distressed state, then please get hold of a steward or Security asap. We can get them the help that they need quickly, but only if we know about it. The priority is to make them safe,  not get anyone in trouble. 

Please note that Nos & Legal Highs are also banned at the event.

Are there cashpoints on site?

No – the nearest cash points are in Trowbridge or down the road at Yarnbrook Services. We may be looking into paying by chip & pin and will inform you if this facility is available at the bar.