We’re fans, you’re fans and the one thing that binds us all together is hating being ripped off at festival bars. So at O.U.T. West we try to keep the prices as near pub prices as possible.

We like to stock a wide range of ales, hand-crafted, award winning ciders from Presshead  ( that have a tendency to sell out! More stock for this year ordered) and premium lagers. Alongside this we have quality wines & spirits and should you fancy something a little more decadent, we have a select range of cocktails available in the Djinn Palace. 

You can bring a small amount of alcohol onsite to have in your tent/camp, but none can be brought into the arena and absolutely no glass/bottle/jars to be brought onsite.

We have a statement explaining the importance of the bars in the support of the festival here

Have a great time – our bars are tops and, as ever, drink responsibly!!