LondonIrish Psycho-Ceilídh band NECK

Neck are, simply , the real deal. Sin é.

”Anti-racist lyrics and a Reel halfway through exemplify Neck’s riotous sound, as if The Clash were born on the Emerald Isle!”

The Irish Post

London-Irish contemporaries of their great mates, The Dropkick Murphys & Flogging Molly, Neck are, simply, the real deal. Known as ‘The Heavy Artillery of Irish Music’, and consisting of a Clash-inspired electric backline, an authentic Traditional Irish music lead section, and a former Shane MacGowan’s Popes front-man, they call this intoxicating, exciting blend of electric Punk energy and uplifting Irish swirl ‘Psycho-Ceilidh’.

And they have pedigree in depth: 3 albums – their seminal 2nd, Sod ‘em & Begorrah!, being rated variously 2nd and 3rd -best Celtic Punk album of all time / an Anti-Racism single in the UK charts (and plugged in the House of Commons!) / a movie appearance* / noteworthy collaborations (Alabama 3, Hayseed Dixie, The Men They Couldn’t Hang, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing) / famous fans (Johnny Depp!) / their Trad. Irish authenticity seeing the Irish Cultural Centre bestowing on them the huge honour and accolade of playing a Trad. Session for the Irish team at the 2012 London Paralympics – due, they were told, to their frontman wearing his heart on his sleeve and simply that “ye know how to be” – a simple Irish expression that speaks volumes and meant more than a 5-star review! Subsequently, their kick-arse, high- energy live shows and extensive touring** has made them tried-and-tested festival favourites across three continents from Moscow to Texas!