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Fancy joining the OUT West Team??

Here’s your chance!! We are currently open for Stewarding Volunteers. Please fill the form in HERE. You get a full weekend ticket, vehicle pass and a meal per shift. Shifts are rotated so that you aren’t on one position for the duration.

Line-Up so far….

There’s more to come, but we thought it’d be handy to see whats what in one handy poster…

3rd Line-up Announcement

Hope the heads are in suitable shape and not too sketchy…

So here it is – the 3rd line-up for the two main stages….

The Wurzels
Citizen Fish
Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons
The Rev Schnider and The Band of Angels
The Back Wood Redeemers
Dakka Skanks
JC’s Hopeless Sinners
The Straight Fits
Some Dogs
Gimme Gimme Gimmes
and Punk Karaoke with @Double J & The Great Rock n Roll Swindle

Tickets are available from

You voted for it… you got it!!

As requested by you Lovely lot, by a margin of 76% – 24%, we will be announcing the 3rd release lineup for Once upon a Time in the West Festival 2019. This will be on 1st Jan 2019 at 10 am. We continue to be way ahead on ticket sales for previous years, so you may not want to dally too much on this.
The line-up is now full so please don’t ask to play – applications open again in Sep 2019.

Second Lineup Announcement is here!!

Again in no particular order…. 
The Tribe – Hip Hop Reggae Collective
NECK LondonIrish PsychoCeilídh – what it says !!
Crinkle Cuts – Funk, Reggae, New-wave Latin Ska
Imprints – olk-Gypsy-Rock cider fuelled explosion
GoldWater – Psychedelic Rock Preachers
Sœur – New Grunge
The Zipheads – Banging Psychobilly
Hum Fuzz – One of two up and coming local bands that we are supporting 
The King Dukes – British R&B tinged with Memphis Soul

There’s enough there to headline several festivals!!
AND AND AND we’ve got a whole load more acts to announce including 3 more headliners ( as much as we ever do headliners), some favs of 2018 from North of the Border, the Granddaddies of them all, some classic West Country Festival Types and loads more…

#hugelineup #bestlittlefestinthewest

Band & DJ Applications now closed

Just a heads up that Band Application for Once upon a Time in the West Festival 2019​ are now closed!!! Line up is nearly done and thanks to EVERYONE who applied – all applicants will be notified one way or the other by December – please don’t contact us asking if you been successful or not as we will contact you 🙂
We are still accepting applications for Walkabout Theatre, Traders, Caterers and Stewards – please check the Information tab on here more more details

First line-up releases for OUT West 2019!!

Ok my Lovelies… here come the first acts confirmed for Once upon a Time in the West Festival 2019. Before we go there, just a wee favour. As you may be awareOnce Upon a Time in The West Festival has been nominated by Festival Awards at UK Festival Awards 2018 for Best Small Festival and Best Grassroots Festival. If you could take a moment to vote for us, then that would be fantastic!! It’s a really big nod of approval for all The Crew and the festival itself. Link is here –

Sooo – onto the moment…
The first wave of acts to be announced for 2019 are, in no particular order….
Funke and the Two Tone Baby
RSVP Bhangra
Urban Lions
Black Water County
Monkey Bizzle
The Boot Hill All Stars
and of course… Graveyard Johnnys !!!

Here’s a bit of Black Water County to get you in the mood….. 

Punk Karaoke comes to OUT West!!!

Before we start doing the lineup releases (coming soon), we just want to sneak this one in as a taster……

Yep, Punk Karaoke is on it’s way to Once upon a Time in the West Festival 2019.

For those of you who remember Endorse it, it was one of the firm crowd favourites and when Doublej&therocknrollswindle ( featuring John Whitehead from Fat , Drunk & Stupid & Badger Farcue from..well… Far-Cue! ) phoned up asking if they could bring the show along, it was done-thing.

If you have yet to see/partake, then grab a beer and fill your boots, it’s beyond ace and open to All!!