Well, we’re pretty big fans and so it would appear are most of you! 

The bars at OUT West have a wide range of all types of beverage at pub prices – no £5 pints of weak lager here!!

The bars are integral to the success of the festival on a number of levels – your enjoyment, a gathering place and the ability for us to be able to carry on the event. The basic fact of most music festivals is that without the bar revenue, the event will fold. 

So to this end, you can bring a small amount of alcohol (eg. a couple of boxes of wine, plastic bottle of spirits or a crate of beer) onto the camp site to drink at your tent/live-in vehicle.

The two things that we are absolutely adamant about is that you cannot bring ANY unfixed glass on site (jars, bottles, glasses etc), nor can you bring ANY of your own alcohol into the arena.

We’ve always said this in the T&C of buying a ticket: Security do have permission to search and confiscate glass brought onsite/any alcohol brought into the arena – and from now on they and the Stewards will be monitoring this.

In previous years we never had any problems, but sadly in 2017 we had just under a ton of bottles left on site, some of which were smashed and become a danger to wildlife and the litter pickers! It’s unfortunate to have to get to this point, but the threat to the event and the land is too important not to have to do something about it. So please  – NO GLASS!!