Month: July 2018

Tickets for 2019 are now onsale!!!

Click here to bag your tickets for O.U.T. West 2019 – First Tier tickets are nearly gone!! ( Update – First Tier tickets sold out. Second Tier Tickets now on sale!!)


or cut and paste this link –

Well that was superb!!

…..and in our opinion the best one yet. So much love and thanks to everyone involved, from those who bought tickets, all the way through every single one of you who helped us put it on, advised, worked, drank, played and generally were an absolutely top crowd – thankyou so much.

We have an announcement comign at 4.30 today ( Friday 27th July) , so keep your eye s peeled. Also just sorting through the photos – some really top ones


All the love

The OUT West Crew x

Tickets on the Gate? Well, if you insist…

As announced yesterday, this year we are putting a limited number of tickets on sale on the gate. We’d rather you bought them online – it’s easier for us – so the ones on the gate are more expensive, and when they’re gone they’re gone. But if that’s what you want to do, it’s fine by us.
Tickets on the gate are only available up to 8.30pm, for cash, and by calling 07766893876 to check availability. 

They are priced as follows:
Friday-Sunday £95
Saturday-Sunday £65
Sunday only Cider Sabbath £35

Kids & Youth tickets, camper and parking tickets, all priced as normal

OUT West Supports The Barge Inn at Honey St..

As part of our commitment to local music and trying to keep the scene alive, OUt West have teamed up with The Barge Inn at Honey ST. This has been a vital venue for local and national bands in the past, but recently has undergone a few changes that has seen the demise of live music at the venue. The locals are attempting a Community buyout ( much like The Bell in Bath) to restore the pub to it’s former glory.

Having played there, it’s such a great vibe and set in a beautiful location in Wiltshire, right by the canal. 

So we have released a certain amount of tickets for this, £10 of which will go towards the COmmunity Buyout. Please enter the code “honeybarge” on our ticket page and a special priced ticket will appear.


There’s more on this here –

..and the Crowdfunder page is here –

OUT West to collect for local Foodbank

THE ORGANISERS OF ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST FESTIVAL (aka OUTWEST), have announced that this year’s festival will formally be supporting Storehouse Foodbank.


Inspired by the long-running FoodDrop campaign run by the festival’s Sunday night headliners, Ferocious Dog, Outwest are encouraging everyone attending the festival, taking place 13th – 15th July near Trowbridge in Wiltshire, to bring at least one item of healthy, non-perishable (tinned, dried or longlife, unopened and in-date) food, for donation on arrival at any of the festival entrances to Trowbridge’s Storehouse Foodbank.


Whist all non-perishable items are greatfully received, items that festival-goes are being particularly encouraged to donate include: Tinned meals; Canned fish, meat & vegetables; Jars of sauces, Condiments, and Toiletries (shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, toothpaste).


The Storehouse Foodbank is an independent community project that aims to provide short-term support of food and toiletries to families, couples and individuals in the Trowbridge and surrounding areas. They are a completely non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers.


Once Upon A Time In The West Festival is a 100% independent, family-friendly Westcountry festival, taking place in deepest Wessex, a few miles from Trowbridge. Featuring three days of live music, a high quality selection of local and international food and beverages (including a showcase by local craftsmen PressHead Cider), and a wealth of other non-musical activities.


Festival organiser ‘Flounder’ Murrary says, “By asking our fabulous festivalgoers to bring even just one item for donation to Storehouse Foodbank, we can make a positive impact on the lives of some of the most vulnerable people within the community that hosts our festival each year.”