Month: May 2018

Ticket Outlets are Go!!!

That’s right – New for OUT West 2018, we now have THREE(!) ticket outlets , serving the local areas

For Frome and the surrounding area – goto Frome  Wholefoods in Frome

For Trowbridge, Melksham, Bradford on Avon,  Westbury and surrounding area – goto Dead Records in Trowbridge

For Midsomer Norton, Radstock, Shepton Mallet & Glastonbury and surrounding areas – goto Paperwork Plus More in Midsomer Norton


Full details can be found HERE

These tickets are limited, so do be quick!!

It’s name the Gargoyle time…

As you may well be aware….it’s May!!!!! That leaves us just TWO MONTHS (!!!) until Once Upon a Time in the West Festival 2018. And you also may well be aware that we have MEDIEVAL as our fancy dress theme for 2018 and that we’ve had a few Gargoyles conjured up by the miracle worker that is Perry Harris.
And now we have one more….

Backstory on the latest conception of Gargoyle…
Gargoyles are traditionally used to scare away undesirable things
A certain undesirable is visiting London on the Friday of OUT West.
Word is out Internationally of how incredible Once Upon a Time in The West Festival is (obs!) , and indeed we have people from all over the World come to party with us. Now in anticipation of that certain Undesirable trying to use his vast wealth and influence to blag a couple of guest passes and a campervan ticket, we’ve created this Gargoyle to help ward off any Presidential interests, take-over bids, erection of golf-courses etc etc.

So now’s your chance to name him – we suspect it’s a him anyway, but always up for being convinced otherwise. 
All you need to do is to goto the Facebook Page to reply with a name in the comments box below with your suggested name. We will look through all the suggestions, pick the one that makes us laugh the most and the winner gets 5 drinks tokens at the bar for their trouble.

No Facebook Page ? – then feel free to email your suggestions in to

If you don’t have your tickets yet..remember only 2 MONTHS to go!!!