The Djinn Palace

Here it is!! The Djinn Palace at Once Upon a Time in the West Festival. During the day there are lazy beats, relaxed vibe, Cabaret in it’s loosest form…

At night, Full of Swing, Funk, House, all manner of Dancy Vibes with its own Cocktail & Shots Bar.

Showhawk Duo (Live)

The Swinghoppers (Live)

DJ Phat Sam ( Swingamajig) 

DJ Shane (Circus Warp/Eat Static)

Toby Spin (Boomtown/Glastonbury)

DJ Dapper Dan (Just about everywhere)

Dale Martin (Nuts & Bolts)

DJ Matty (Nuts & Bolts)

DJ Tim

DJ Alex


Also featuring the game-show to end all game-shows , hosted by The Grand High Poobah Himself… Jules Hussie !!

Universally Challenged!!

And the annual OUT West “don’t do yourself a mischief” punk workout featuring….

Xray Spexercise

more tba